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MY RESEARCH: I am interested in the molecular mechanisms that lead to blood formation and differentiation

NON-RESEARCH INTERESTS: Quilting, Knitting, Gardening and Reading

Liz Snella

Research Associate

Radwa 2

MY RESEARCH: I seek to decipher the transcription factors that trigger Hematopoietic Stem Cell specification from the hemogenic endothelium

NON-RESEARCH INTERESTS: Reading, spending time with family, cooking and baking, and watching movies

Radwa Barakat

Postdoctoral fellow


MY RESEARCH: I am working on the identification of new inflammatory signals required during Hematopoietic Stem Cell formation


Xiaoyi Cheng (Chelsea)

Graduate Student

Abbigail photo

MY RESEARCH: My research focuses on the identification and charaterization of novel hematopoietic populations using scRNA sequencing

NON-RESEARCH INTERESTS: Knitting, reading, and listening to podcasts

Abbigail McCune

Graduate Student

Kari Kennedy

MY RESEARCH: Investigating the interplay of pro and anti-inflammatory cytokines on hematopoietic stem cells and their subsequent, potentially therapeutic use in human disease modulation

NON-RESEARCH INTERESTS: I enjoy spending time with friends and family, being a cat mom, watching movies, and reading

Kari Kennedy

Graduate Student

Amy Kraak

MY RESEARCH: I am supporting the lab by helping with fish husbandry and lab maintenance tasks

NON-RESEARCH INTERESTS: painting and creating art, spending time with my cats, gardening, baking and cooking new things, spending time with my friends, and taking care of my absurdly large collection of house plants

Amy Kraak

Research Assistant

Harkiran Ballagan

MY RESEARCH: My role is to help with fish husbandry and lab maintenance tasks

NON-RESEARCH INTERESTS: Traveling, hiking, writing, driving, and cars

Harkiran Ballagan

Honors student

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