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Liz photo modificada

MY RESEARCH: I am interested in the molecular mechanisms that lead to blood formation and differentiation

NON-RESEARCH INTERESTS: Quilting, Knitting, Gardening and Reading

Liz Snella

Research Associate

Radwa 2

MY RESEARCH: I seek to decipher the transcription factors that trigger Hematopoietic Stem Cell specification from the hemogenic endothelium

NON-RESEARCH INTERESTS: Reading, spending time with family, cooking and baking, and watching movies

Radwa Barakat

Postdoctoral fellow


MY RESEARCH: I am working on the identification of new inflammatory signals required during Hematopoietic Stem Cell formation


Xiaoyi Cheng (Chelsea)

Graduate Student

Abbigail photo

MY RESEARCH: My research focuses on the identification and charaterization of novel hematopoietic populations using scRNA sequencing

NON-RESEARCH INTERESTS: Knitting, reading, and listening to podcasts

Abbigail McCune

Graduate Student

Anthony Sillman

MY RESEARCH: I aim to find the role of anti-inflammatory cytokines in the formation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells

NON-RESEARCH INTERESTS: Hiking/camping, Hip-Hop dancing, and listening to podcasts

Anthony Sillman

Graduate Student


MY RESEARCH: I am helping understand how granulin drives myeloid cell development

NON-RESEARCH INTERESTS: Traveling, cooking, spending time with friends and family, and reading

Inga Baldus

URA student


MY RESEARCH: I am interested in deciphering the molecular cues that prime endothelial cells to switch to hematopoietic stem cells

NON-RESEARCH INTERESTS: Gardening, traveling, spending time with family and friends

Masuma Khatun Usha

Graduate Student

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